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Dermatologic surgeons specialize in the use of surgical and non-surgical skills and methods for diagnosing and treating various skin, hair, nail and vein conditions, including benign growths, skin cancers, aging skin, unwanted fat, excess hair and varicose veins. As experts on living skin cells, dermatologic surgeons are uniquely qualified to employ a range of corrective and preventive techniques to keep skin healthy, vibrant and youthful-looking. In fact, dermatologic surgeons are responsible for the development and refinement of many of today’s therapeutic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Great strides in minimally invasive techniques and today's advanced technologies now enable dermatologic surgeons to achieve medically effective and cosmetically elegant results. Procedures are typically less intense, safe and heal more quickly than ever before. Further, treatment is usually performed in the physician’s office, which translates to added convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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